8 Exercises That Help You Rock Your LBD

8 Exercises That Help You Rock Your LBD


Here, we’ve got the goods to help you look hot all year round. “The key is to focus on smaller, controlled moves so you always keep resistance in your reps,” says trainer Justin Gelband, the owner of ModelFit studio in New York City, where many a cover girl works it. Gelband shares the arm, ab and booty shapers that have them coming back for more. Grab a set of two- to three-pound dumbbells—at ModelFit, light makes tight—and use an aerobic step or a stair to do three sets of each move. Then let the #nofilter tags fly—you’ll have nothing to hide.

1. Serving-Tray Squat

Targets shoulders, biceps, butt, and legs

Holding a dumbbell in each hand, stand with feet more than shoulder-width apart, left foot on step, right foot on ground; bend elbows by ribs 90 degrees, forearms fanning out slightly to sides.

Lower into a semisquat as you extend arms in front of you, keeping elbows slightly bent. Return to start, bringing elbows in as you stand.

Do 12 reps; switch sides and repeat.

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