7 Healthy Eating Foods to Add to Your Diet : Recipes included

7. avocados

We have to set the stage for avocados in the right way. So take note, the fad that low-fat is best, it’s out. Gone are the low-fat days and in are the days or naturally nourishing, wholesome fats from real foods. In fact, fats are essential to a healthy hormonal flow, good skin, joint health, immunity and over 50 more functions in the body. Fats deserve a place in your diet, especially avocados.

This fruit {anything that has a seed or pit is considered a fruit by definition} is incredibly nutritious. High in vitamin K, folate and potassium, good monounsaturated fatty acids and fiber it provides health benefits including weight loss, reduction in blood sugar and lowering of disease risk. The fat in avocados also helps you to absorb more nutrients from other foods and provides more value than just the nutrients within.

Keeping a stash of avocados on hand is a great way to quickly add it to salads, soups, or mash it up and put it on some toast. Take note, avocados can be tricky to find perfectly ripe. When you purchase them at the store, they should be darker green and when slightly squeezed, firm but not hard. It has to be a perfect medium. If they aren’t quite ripe, store in a brown paper bag at room temperature until they turn. Once ripe, place in the refrigerator to keep at the perfect ripeness for maximum time. They turn quick so watch out.

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