7 Healthy Eating Foods to Add to Your Diet : Recipes included

6. cilantro

Don’t underestimate the power of fresh herbs. With most herbs containing significantly more nutrient value than all other produce combined. Fresh herbs should be an essential addition to your diet. Not to mention the flavor component is pretty amazing as well. Cilantro specifically, has both benefits in the leaves and seeds {coriander seeds}.

Cilantros benefits stem from its vitamin content. It has been used for thousands of years to treat digestive upset, gas, fungal and bacterial infections and prevent food poisoning. Some studies even showing that it can lower blood sugar and help kill parasites in the digestive tract. I prefer cilantro for its detoxifying properties in the body. It is powerful at helping to remove the stubborn and extremely dangerous heavy metals from our body.

You often find that people either love or hate cilantro. In some people cilantro can react with the bacteria of their mouth and cause a soapy taste. If you can handle cilantro however, it is a great food to add to as many dishes as possible, even making a salad out of it.

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