7 Healthy Eating Foods to Add to Your Diet : Recipes included

5. collagen

This would never have hit the list 100 years ago when we used to cook meat with bones. However, because that practice is nearly non-existent {although making quite the comeback} we need to understand the value of collagen and why we need it. Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body. It’s found in our muscle, bones, skin, tendons, blood vessels and digestive system. It’s the glue that holds the body together.

As we age, we naturally decrease our produce of collagen and slowly welcome wrinkles, sagging skin and joint pains. But the simple way to beat this {or slow this process} is consuming collagen rich foods. These collagen rich foods will improve your hair and skin, heal our GI tracts, reduce joint pain, boost metabolism, improve our cardiovascular system and improve our liver function.

The best sources of collagen are through good sources of bone broth. Either homemade or if you’re like me and would rather just buy good sourced bone broth, check out this brand! Other options are cooking meat with bones or buying a high quality collagen source that can be used as a protein powder. I prefer this brand of collagen and use it in baked goods, mixed in smoothie or juice and just stirred in water for a quick pick me up.

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