7 Healthy Eating Foods to Add to Your Diet : Recipes included

4. kale

Overrated. Outdated. Gross. Call it what you want, even behind the times. I know kale has previously been trending as a health food and is technically out but it shouldn’t be forgotten. I’m not a particularly huge fan of kale {or most leafy greens <nutritionist confession} but I do know the mega value of leafy greens so I find ways to enjoy them.
Because who says we have to eat leafy greens, raw and plain and taste every ounce of earth that remains on them. {insert gross shivers}. But when we get into the nitty-gritty of the nutritional benefits, kale does pack quite the punch and is one I HIGHLY recommend we find a way to get acquainted with.

Here’s the dish on kale. It has crazy amounts of vitamins A, K and C. While it is not as researched as fellow veggies in its family {broccoli and cabbage} it does have some pretty outstanding health benefits including massive antioxidant related health benefits. Antioxidants again being linked to beating inflammation as well as playing a significant role in the bodies detoxification process.

While I don’t LOVE kale I do have a passion for health and know that this is one of those foods I just need to learn to love. Not by forcing myself into a food fight but finding recipes and ways in which kale is tolerable and more than that even enjoyable. It can be done and my recommendations for how include, chop it or saute it. My favorite ways to eat kale are in a chopped salad, in soups or sautéed in breakfast hash.

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