5 Easy Barre Exercises Guaranteed to Make You Sweat

5 Easy Barre Exercises Guaranteed to Make You Sweat



Barre workouts can be an amazing, super-challenging, and addictive way to tone up. But as great as they can be for forming a round booty and sculpted arms, they can sometimes miss the mark when it comes to range of motion. You’re targeting small muscles with those micro-movements sometimes referred to during class as “down an inch, up an inch” or “little pulses,” but solely focusing on these kinds of intrinsic, tiny moves could be limiting your gains. Don’t get me wrong—I use these moves in my method, BarreAmped, but I don’t get stuck on these moves alone. They aren’t the only way to perform barre exercises.

1. Wide Second Position Plié with Twist

Stand with legs wide and turned out at the hips. Knees should be above heels or mid-foot, and toes should be tracking along with the knee rotation. Bring hands to your heart, stand and twist right knee to left elbow. Move back into the plié before twisting to the left. Repeat this at your own pace for 1 minute.

Works: Quads, inner thighs, core + HR boost

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